The Brand

This watch marks the birth of the independent Geneva Watchmaking brand named by the two co-founders GENUS

It’s a World first: a Mechanical elements move seamlessly from one orbit to another AND give information about the time.

  • Two patents filed
  • The hour indices revolve around the periphery, pivoting 4 times by 1/4 turn to orient themselves in the reading direction
  • The tens-of-minutes are shown shown by the lead traveling indicator – named “the Genus” – which moves freely– as it moves freely on the figure 8 center path (infinity, analemma)
  • The precise minute is shown by the rotating dial in the traditional 3 o’clock position
  • Case, movement main plate and bridges, and complication module of 18K gold
  • Entirely manufactured in our independent workshop in Geneva
  • Conceived, developed and crafted following tradition and to the highest standards of Swiss Haute Horlogerie
  • Hand decorated and hand finished

Truly a new genus in the world of watchmaking. Its watchword: Freedom.