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8-TRACK WATCH for Only Watch:
The collab’mobile

A watch that redefines the telling of time
while offering a unique auto(e)motive experience.

For this year’s Only Watch charity auction, Genus and Singer Reimagined are rekindling the flame of the childlike sense of wonder that lies dormant in each of us, bringing back a flow of memories. “We all remember the stories we made up and the adventures we lived out playing with our little toy cars, which in turn, as adults, have nourished our dreams and passions for real cars. Matchbox, Siku, Majorette, Dinky Toys, Hot Wheels… scratched, scuffed, the paint worn down to the metal, all our little toy cars in the huge box at the foot of our bed or strewn on the playroom floor. These little toy cars, sometimes dented but always authentic, were so true, so real.”

It’s with these toy cars that kids set out to imagine wild chases, acting out frantic races, from morning to night! They were the emotional starting capital, the foundation of the passion for classic cars shared by two friends, Sébastien Billières, Master Watchmaker and Co-Founder of Genus, and Marco Borraccino, Designer, CEO, and Creative Director of Singer Reimagined. Fond memories!

Genus and Singer Reimagined is a fusion of the mechanical-aesthetic, the horo-kinetic, the auto-emotional that brings back childhood memories and the passion for miniature versions of the cars for “when we grow up”.

The 8-Track Watch? It’s the direct connection created for Only Watch, merging the aesthetic codes of Singer Reimagined with the innovative award-winning mechanics of Genus.

A miniature sculpture, fully hand-crafted of 18K gold measuring just 6mm, inspired by the silhouette of a vintage race car, gliding along a figure 8 racetrack…

It was Catherine Henry, COO and Co-founder of Genus, who sparked the attraction between the worlds of Genus’ exceptional mechanics and Singer Reimagined’s unique design, and the desire to create something tailor-made, fun in direct connection with childhood and for a good cause.

When the idea of incorporating a miniature car into the display complication was first raised, imaginations immediately shifted into high gear, sparks flew, and it was off to the races. Picturing the slot cars screaming around a racetrack, reliving those moments spent playing on the Polistil racetrack sets of their childhood, it teleported the 3 friends into a universe of memories, playful pursuits, and emotions.

The 8-Track Watch by Genus & Singer Reimagined speaks to the child in all of us. And it’s off to the races…!


Collection : Unique piece for Only Watch 2023
Watch name: 8-TRACK Watch

• Singer signature design fusion with Genus in-house Haute Horlogerie movement & innovative display complication
• Hand-crafted 18K gold car micro-sculpture moving on an infinity 8-shaped track
• Peripheral hours indication
• Crown at 4 o’clock


Material : Steel
Diameter: 43mm
Crystals: Sapphire with antireflective coating
Crown: Steel, position at 4 o’clock
Water resistance: Approximately 30 meters (3 ATM)

8-TRACK Watch for Only Watch 2023
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